Loway Bulletproof NIJ IIIA Bulletproof Large Panel / Insert


★ Made in the USA ★

Up to 150 Square Inches
of Ballistic Coverage Area

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     BulletBlocker NIJ IIIA Bulletproof Insert Colors

    The Bullet Blocker NIJ IIIA Large Insert allows you to make any of your larger pre-owned bags bullet resistant. With 8 sizes to choose from, you can retrofit virtually any bag you own including your backpack, tactical bag, gym bag, briefcase and much more! Ideal for everyday citizens as well as public safety personnel who desire an extra layer of protection from random acts of violence while on the go. The 1/4-inch-thick, semi-flexible panel is made with the latest DuPont™ Kevlar® technologies, ensuring that it is high-quality, durable, and lightweight. Our panels can easily be swapped into different bags without ever compromising comfort or concealability.

    Features and Benefits

    • Panel can be easily swapped into a variety of bags and other items.
    • Adds a layer of ballistic protection to your existing bags / packs.
    • Nylon sleeve repels water, is rip resistant, and is easily cleaned.
    • Airport and metal detector friendly.


    • Constructed with the latest DuPont™ Kevlar® technologies.
    • Tested to the NIJ IIIA standards stopping a 357 Magnum, 44 Magnum, 9mm, .45 caliber hollow point ammunition and more.


    • Proudly 100% made in the United States of America.
    • Dimensions: All small inserts are ¼ inch (6.35 mm) thick. Please see the size drop-down menu for the exact measurements of each panel.
    • Weight: Varies with panel size. Please see chart below.
    • Sleeve: 100% 420-denier coated nylon





     Shipping & Returns

    • We offer free shipping within the contiguous United States.


    3 reviews for Loway Bulletproof NIJ IIIA Bulletproof Large Panel / Insert

    1. vincent

      Excellent company excellent product
      I purchased the backpack insets for my three kids for peace of mind and to give the kids something to help them feel safe after talking about recent events. The company is excellent! Customer service is fast and friendly…the back their products 100% I hope to never use the items, but I’m happy to have found them!

      • lowaybulletproof

        Hi Vincent, thanks for your honest feedback.

    2. george

      Thanks for making it easy
      In the wake of yet another school shooting, I chose to purchase my son a backpack liner/ insert. Ava and Kevin both were exceptional when it came to any of my questions. They made my decision to purchase with them seem less. I definitely plan to do business with them for all my protection needs.

      • lowaybulletproof

        Hi George, thanks for your honest feedback.

    3. emily

      12/10 would recommend
      The customer service is top notch. They really went above and beyond to make sure I was completely satisfied with my order. I will definitely be ordering from them again.

      • lowaybulletproof

        Hi Emily, thanks for your honest feedback.

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